We absolutely LOVE seeing great photography on Lollabuy Marketplace. We know that our shoppers get inspired by beautiful imagery, plus it helps to build your brand identity and emphasises how amazing your product is, too.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, on location or in a studio, the best place to shoot your imagery is totally up to you. We do have a few things you need to think about before snapping, though.

Please don’t use:

  • Stark lighting: We want your shots to look as real as possible – try to shoot in natural light or, if you have to lift the shots, keep any artificial lighting as natural-looking as possible
  • Too much editing: Don’t over retouch or add harsh filters, borders or watermarks to your shots. We also don’t allow collages – images should contain only one shot
  • Flat shots, pack shots or mannequin shots: Items must always be shot on a model.* Please don’t upload shots featuring more than one model, too
  • Images which don’t make it clear what is being sold: For example, when shooting jewellery please don’t stack/layer items – it must be explicitly clear which item is up for grabs in your listing
  • Someone else’s imagery: You must own the shots we receive from you – we don’t allow stolen photography on Lollabuy Marketplace. If you add stolen photos, we will no longer carry your brand. 
  • Black and white images
  • Catwalk shots. 

*If you’re selling home decor, items do not need to be shot on a model but everything else above should be followed. The same applies to diaper bags and travel items.

The Marketplace team check new listings daily – if any listings are found which don’t follow the above, we’ll need to remove them. No questions asked.

Image sizes and extra details:

  • Product images: We can upload five portrait images per product listing. Try to use the shots to showcase all the details of the product you’re selling. The size for these images is 500x500
  • Sizing Chart: One of the images can be and should be a sizing chart.

Got it? You’re good to go! Take a look at some of our fave shots from the site below, then follow our Pinterest for our never-ending feed of inspiration.